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Water is the most important resource for human survival and the availability of clean drinking water is essential for any living being. But, only 3.5% of total water on earth is available as fresh drinkable water locked up as ice in polar ice caps and glaciers and rest 96.5% is saline sea water in form of oceans. Further, the fresh water available to us through rivers and ground water is very stressed commodity due to increasing population, wastage and absence of sustainable water management techniques around the globe.
We have developed a new method to convert waste or sewage water into cleaner and almost drinkable fresh water. The conversion of waste water to fresh water is done through a unique device developed by us named- Water Treatment Machine. This machine is very portable device which can be installed easily at the site holding waste water. The machine operates on electricity and waste water is fed from one end and fresh water is pumped out through the outlet. The purification of water takes place in a non-chemical and contamination free environment inside the machine and the machine operates on the principal of high temperature and high pressure contamination removal from the input water.
The machine has successfully completed all experimental trials and soon will be available for industrial and commercial applications.